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Here we offer you a part of our operating instructions for downloading. If you need an operating instructions which is not listed on this page, send us just a short E-Mail and we will try to provide you the missing operating instructions as soon as possible.

Aqua Home Tests

How to use the Aqua Home water tests correctly:

Balling Light

All information about using and changing to the Balling Light System can be found here.

HTU Balling Light Other languages: FR, ES
Transistion to Balling Light Other languages: FR

Bacteria – liquid

All information about using our bacterial products:

HTU Bacto Therapy Other languages: FR, IT
HTU REEF START PRO BAC Other languages: FR, IT


The instructions for correct use can be found here.

HTU Bacto Balls Other languages: FR
HTU REBIOTIC 100% NATURAL Other languages: FR


All information about the use of elementals can be found here.

HTU Elementals Introduction Other languages: FR
HTU Elementals Other languages: FR
HTU Elementals Trace Other languages: FR


The right feeding of corals & fish

HTU Arctic Plankton  Other languages: IT
HTU Coral Sprint Other languages: FR SE
HTU Coral Plankton Other languages: FR
 HTU Min S Other languages: FR

YouTube Video: Should I feed my corals? How we do it on our coralfarm!

Filter material / nutrient control

All info on the use of filter materials for nutrient reduction can be found here:

HTU Ultra Phos  Other languages: FR

Heat test for Po4

How much phosphate do you really have in your water?
You can find out with the heat test.

HTU Po4 Heat test Other languages: FR SE


How to send in a ICP water test properly.


Light is life. You can find the right settings here.


The instructions for correct use can be found here.


Operating instructions for our products can be found here.

Skim Breeze CO2 Reactor Other languages: FR SE
DIY Reactor Other languages: ES FR IT
DIY Refill Other languages: ES FR

Troubleshooter – X-Series

Algae or parasites in the marine aquarium can make life difficult – we have a solution. You can find the instructions for the correct application here.

Troubleshooter – DIPs

Operating instructions for our DIPs can be found here.

HTU CILI DIP  – Other languages: FR, IT, ES

US Style Prime Frag System

Find out how to achieve the colorful fluorescence around US Style Prime Frag System here.

HTU US Style Prime Frag Other languages: FR

Zeo Light System

All information about the Zeo Light system can be found here.

HTU Zeo Light other languages: FR