Coral care with system

Coral care with system

Our product stages build on each other and are complementary to form a complex system

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This also applies to the Fauna Marin system.
Each module forms the basis for the level above.

  • Water treatment is the indispensable basis for any aquarium care of reef animals.
  • Our next care category offers organic nutrients. They optimize physiological functions in the tissue of the tank inhabitants and thus create the prerequisites for a healthy metabolism.
  • Then the next care category uses the most modern feeds for direct feeding, which enables healthy growth.
  • Building on this, the next category offers feed for indirect feeding, with products whose composition is based on the latest research results.
  • And for experts in coral care, we have special products in the top category, for example to optimise the colour pigmentation of corals.


Even the most detailed software cannot answer all questions. We operate a special forum for you to directly consult the analyses.

Knowledge base

Modern aquaristics with its analytical methods considers many elements and relational data. Which values mean what? What is behind them? What functions do relations and individual elements have? How can these be recognised from the animals? What relevance do deviating values have? All this information is available to you in our new laboratory software, continuously supplemented and expanded.