Habitat  US Style System

A reef from another world.

What we experience here are corals like from another world. Here, in the basement of the reefs, an unusual blaze of colour develops. Below 30 m, the water appears deep blue, and many corals use intensively fluorescent proteins to make the most of the little light radiation that is still present here.

Our unique system aims to successfully care for these coral species and to bring out the full splendour of these corals. Us Style aquariums recreate the depth range from 30m. They take advantage of the adaptability of many corals, but also offer them exactly the habitat that deep-water corals need. Beautifully glowing hard corals can be maintained here with LPS as well as soft corals.

Because of the low amount of light, US Style corals need a good food supply, and fish and shrimps fits well to the US Style habitat.

Fauna Marin recreates reef aquariums

We have understood to think no longer in systems, but in biotope types, in habitats. Every coral reef consists of different zones having completely different environmental conditions. And in order to feel comfortable and develop well, each reef animal requires an aquarium where the appropriate biotope type has been created.

With our biotope types and matching products, you will be able to care for the corresponding corals and bring perfect small sections of the reefs of our world into your living room and enjoy nature.

A reef tank:

US Style – mysterious glow in all colors

In this aquarium we encounter a magical colour spectacle of corals, which at first sight seem artificial. Are these corals real? The mysterious glow of fluorescent green acroporids attracts the first glance, then bright yellow disk anemones at the bottom attract attention. As soon as the gaze wanders through the tank, all the colours of the rainbow appear. Cream-coloured branches with deep blue growth tips, pink and violet corals, a wine-red Acropora plate between those, growing into the open water in the middle of the tank. Next to it, Montipora branches stretch upwards in strong orange. All colours are strangely intense. The colourfulness seems dramatic and at the same time somehow unreal. Nothing but the fluorescent corals is visible. Everything else disappears in the dark blue of the mysterious depth.


The dosage suggestions we give are geared towards a well stocked aquarium with average fish population and good feeding. The dosage quantities should be adjusted according to the stocking level, technique and lighting regime.
Recommended water values
Salinity 34–35 ppt
Calcium 440-450 mg/l
Magnesium 1.350 mg/l
°dKh 7,0–7,5
Temp 25–27 °C
Nitrate 5–10 mg/l
PO4 0,02–0,7 mg/l
Recommended partial water change 2 x 10 % monthly
Low light up to 300PAR
Color  5 h a day: Daylight 8-10.000 K Color and then 5–6 h pure blue and actinic lighting
Source LED/T5
Duration 10–12 h daily

Basic supply of calcium/carbonates

Balling Light System; the dosage depends on the individual consumption of the respective aquarium. The basis for this is the measurement of the KH value as well as the calcium value. The usual consumption is in a ratio of approx. 1:4 Ca/KH when the chemical stability of the aquarium is reached. The dosage of the trace elements is adapted to the system.

Per batch: Trace 1  50 ml, Trace 2  40 ml, Trace 3  25 ml
Water treatment
Carb L 50 gr./100 l – replace every four weeks (mixable with zeolith)
Zeolith 50-100 gr./100 l – replace every four weeks (mixable with activated carbon)
Additional supply
of bacteria and corals
Organic 1,0 ml/100 l/day
Amin 0,5 ml/100 l/day
Water tests
Aqua Home Test 1 x weekly
Reef ICP 1 x monthly  
Nutrient control
Bacto Blend 0,2–0,5 ml/100 l/daily
Bacto Energy 1,0–5,0 ml/100 l/daily
Feeding Corals
MIN S 1 drop/100 l/ daily
CoralVitality 1 drop/100 l/ daily
Coral Sprint 1/2 spoon/100 l/
every 2 days
Feeding fishes
Granulated food Spirulina and Soft Mix Veggy Flakes Link
Frozen Food mysis, lrill, lobster eggs