Our coral farm

Fauna Marin has been active in farming corals on a professional level since 2001. We are one of the largest coral farms in Europe and currently propagate more than 230 coral species on a regular basis.

Fauna Marin is known as a specialist for sensitive and exceptionally colored SPS corals. Our coral farm supplies many thousands of corals to well-known and large marine aquarium retail stores.

In our ultra-modern coral breeding facility we not only produce corals, as it is also a development laboratory and test track for our products.

The interaction of the coral farm with ultra-modern ICP analysis offers product development opportunities that far exceed those of other manufacturers. Each of our products undergoes a long test phase in our large coral breeding tank facility and is intensively tested and optimised by our specialist staff.

Fauna Marin corals are real aquaculture corals, and they are individually attached to ceramic plugs and allowed to grow until breakage points are completely healed and the corals are colored and ready for shipment.

Fauna Marin offers you a shipping and packaging system that ensures a flawless and sustainable transport of the corals at any time of the year, both in high summer temperatures and in the deepest winter with sub-zero temperatures.

Reusable packaging, protected shipping systems and our innovative, professional shipping boxes guarantee that our corals arrive in just same condition as they were when being put into the bags.

Fauna Marine Corals in trade

Corals are our desire and passion. We are happy to sell our farm-raised corals to you as an aquarium retailer and support you with competent consultancy. If you are a commercial marine aquarium retailer, please register with us and create a retailer account.

After checking your retailer authorisation, your account will be converted into a retailer account and you can easily order your corals in our online shop. For E-mail inquiries please use our E-mail address