At Fauna Marin everything revolves around reef keeping!

For more than 35 years we have been driven by the desire to operate the perfect reef tank. We follow the idea of creating a small marine world modelled on nature – the big in the small.

Fauna Marin products define what is feasible in reef aquaria and continually push back boundaries. At the same time, our concept is so simple and clearly structured that it enables even ambitious beginners to successfully care for sensitive reef inhabitants.

Fauna Marin combines proven aquaristic experience with innovative technologies – for modern and sustainable reefkeeping. However, in every one of our product developments there is the same ambition to offer you the best possible – for your success.

New Products


Technical and pump cleaner

Especially for marine aquarium equipment


ELEMENTALS | P secure and precise correction with dissolved and particulate phosphate – NEW FORMULA!

ELEMENTALS | P is a highly concentrated bi-phosphate suspension for marine aquariums for the individual correction of existing phosphate deficiencies. The 2-phase suspension provides particulate and dissolved phosphate and must be shaken before dosing.

The Elementals series is designed for use with regular ICP analyses. Fauna Marin ICP analyses help you to perfectly supply your aquarium.

VIB X Marine

To Stabilize Microbiota

With the help of VIB X, the natural balance of the microbiome of corals and fish is restored.

Vib X significantly increases the resistance of corals and fish. The special carrier material allows the bacterial strains to be taken up directly by the animals.

VIB X contains special probiotic bacterial strains that are applied to a special carrier material.


Dilution Solution

DILUTE IT is a novel, universally applicable dilution solution for liquid water conditioners, trace element solutions, or feed solutions for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
With DILUTE IT, you can dilute highly concentrated products such as the coral food Fauna Marin Min S so that it can be dosed with any dosing pump.
Trace element concentrates can also be diluted accordingly, e.g., to achieve a suitable concentration for nano aquariums.


Simple, fast and precise

The Fauna Marin Reef ICP TOTAL Test gives a quick accurate and easy overview of over 90 water values in reef-aquariums. From macroelements to trace elements and pollutants, you get a complete overview with corresponding dosage and action recommendations.


Macro- and trace element solution

MultiElements A and B is a combination product with special macro- and trace elements, specifically developed for the complementary use with calcium reactors or unbalanced two part addition methods.