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How you proceed to send us a water sample for analysis:

  1. Register on our laboratory page, if you do not have an account yet
  2. Open the purchased test and find the Bar Code ID.
  3. Important!  You can only register Tests with  Bar Code Labels has such a Nr. “003520D” and a Fauna Marin Logo on it. All other Tests with smaller Barcode or simple Numbers should be send to us without registration.
  4. Start a new analysis on the website:
  5. Select your aquarium where the water comes from, enter the Bar Code ID and click on “Start new analysis”.
  6. Take the water sample and send the package back to your dealer or the address which is in the Test.

As soon as we have analyzed your sample, we will upload your values on the website and inform you by e-mail which contains the values and recommendations for action as a PDF file.