Submit Water Analysis

ICP Reef

ICP Reef Total

How to send a water sample for analysis:

  1. Register on our laboratory page, if you do not have an account yet
    and create your aquarium (make sure to add the water volume to get correct dosing recommendations).
  2. Open the purchased test and find the barcode sticker with the sample ID.
  3. Start a new analysis on the website:
    Select your aquarium, enter the sample ID and click on “Start new analysis”.
    Important! You can only register samples with a Fauna Marin Logo on the barcode! Older tests with 4-digit barcodes or 3-digit numbers cannot be registered and must be sent with the enclosed completed form.
  4. Take the water sample as shown in the instructions and send it back.
    Please read our shipping information to ensure fast shipping.
  5. As soon as your sample arrives in the laboratory you will receive an email notification. The usual processing time is 24 h for ReefICP tests and 48 h for ReefICP Total tests. The analysis will be uploaded to your account and sent as pdf via email.