Colloidal silver is used in some preparations that are supposed to be effective against cyanobacteria.
Colloidal silver has a bactericidal effect, killing bacteria. At the same time, it does not have a specific effect on cyanobacteria. The use of silver can therefore have unforeseen consequences for the tank and can cause the nitrification to collapse completely. In addition to the bactericidal effect, silver can also block important enzymatic reactions, and saltwater seems to intensify this effect in many ways. Silver precipitates immediately in aquarium water. Therefore, usually no counter measures are required.

Value too high:

Quit dosing the cyanobacteria treatment. Have the analysis verified and contact a specialist consultant.

Value too low:

No dosage intended.

Variety Precious metal/transition metal
Benefit Nein
Default value 0 µg/l (0,26
Skill Level none
Source Preparations against cyanobacteria
Available no dosing
Importance 1–6 1
Detection quality medium/difficult

Balling Light:

No dosage intended. No addition due to the Balling Light system.

The idea of fighting cyanobacteria with colloidal silver is based on the use of silver for wound healing in human medicine. There are also special activated carbons coated with silver to prevent rapid bacterial colonization. However, since silver is extremely quickly bound by sulphur in seawater and precipitates as silver sulphide, to us its use makes no sense.

Evidence of silver is therefore very rare, as it quickly has been precipitated. Values that are too high should therefore be verified. Please contact your ICP consultant.