Lead is one of the undesirable heavy metals in saltwater aquaria and usually enters the tank via tap water. Cheap magnet glass cleaners can also be a source of lead. We could also detect lead in some Asian frozen fishfood. Please pay attention to the Fauna Marin Lab relevance table, as lead can also occur as an artifact.

Lead has no biological function and is toxic. It should not be detectable, a dosing of lead is not intended.

Lead is removed by adsorbers Powerphos/Phos 0.04 and Phos.

Value too high:

Partial water change, filtration via zeolite and Powerphos, Phos.

Too low a value:

No separate dosing provided!

Variety heavy metal
Standard value 1 – 3 µg/l (0,26 US.liq.gal.)
Skill Level toxic
Source tap water, cement, untested salts
Available No dosing intended
Importance 1–6 1
Detection quality uncertain

Balling Light:

The addition of lead is not intended. In Balling Light only ICP tested raw materials are used. Contaminations such as lead are excluded.