Beryllium is a non-essential, toxic element that can accumulate in biological systems. The analytical values should be “not detectable“.

Possible sources of beryllium are currently unknown. In some frozen food analyses (e.g. Artemia), increased values could be found. Whether this has an effect in the aquarium or on fish could not be determined up to now, but in any case it depends on the concentration, and with long-term feeding with beryllium-contaminated frozen food, harmful concentrations in the aquarium water would be conceivable.

Value too high:

Extremely rare, high values from 10 µg/l(0,26 should be verified.

Value too low:

No dosing intended.

Variety transition light metal
Benefit none, above 10 µg/l(0,26 pollutant
Standard value 0 µg/l(0,26
Skill Level none
Source Salt mix, supply systems, animal feed
Available no dosing intended
Importance 1–6 1
Detection quality medium

Balling Light:

No dosing is intended. No addition provided by the Balling Light system.