Ocean Seawater 100% Natural Seawater

Ocean Seawater

Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater is 100% natural seawater collected off the coast of Portugal

Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater is 100% natural seawater collected 50 meters deep off the coast of Portugal; our source for the healthiest seawater available.
Ocean Seawater is naturally filtered and contains natural living marine bacteria, perfect for a establishing and maintaining a healthy, clean aquarium.

Our seawater contains all essential macro elements and trace elements which are naturally present in the correct ratios to ultimately provide the ideal, natural conditions for your fish and coral. Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater provides a simple, readily usable method for re-establishing reef aquariums and/or performing regularly scheduled water changes. No more complicated mixing with traditional salt mixes. Supply your aquarium with the correctly proportioned water values ​​quickly and comfortably for even the most sensitive specimens.

  • 100% natural, no additives, no North Sea water!
  • Seawater Research Lab certified
  • Naturally filtered
  • Natural living marine bacteria
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Perfect for newly established aquariums

Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater can also be mixed with synthetic saltwater to deliver missing live bacteria and natural trace elements.


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