Frag Fix

Frag Fix

Simple fixing of coral frags in the aquarium.

Fauna Marin Frag Fix is a gel-like coral glue that hardens within 10 seconds.

Safe glueing of SPS and Softcorals directly in the aquarium or on fragplugs
Hardens quickly under water and out of the water.

Extremely fast bonding
Very economical as only small amounts of adhesive are sufficient
High viscosity for perfect gluing of SPS frags and colonies
Long term stable under water.
Due to the high purity, the adhesive will overgrow extremely fast with calcerous algeas
Gentle to the coral tissue.

Fauna Marin Frag Fix Instructions for Use:

Before the first use unscrew the plastic cap and press the top end of the cap into the Frag Fix tube.
Then screw the plastic cap quickly back onto the tube.
Unscrew the lid of the plastic cap and cut off a small piece at the tip.

Recommendation:We recommend to always wear protective gloves when working with glue and generally when working with corals!

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