Fish Plankton

Fish Plankton

Product information “Fish Plankton 250ml”

Straight animal feed for fish and corals

Consists of selected plankton species: Calanus finmarchicus, Cyclops sp. und Mysis relicta

  • high quality natural plankton
  • replaces frozen food
  • ready to use
  • no need to rinse or defrost
  • precise dosing possible
  • contains natural ingredients
  • probiotically effective
  • reduced nutrient input
  • perfect fatty acid and protein balance for fish and corals

Feed in small amounts once or twice daily.

Store in the fridge after opening. Once opened, consume within three months.


Neomysis 0.2 – 30 mm, Calanus finmarchicus, Cyclops sp., water, EC-approved antioxidants

Analysis (from dry weight):

crude protein 15.8%, crude fat 2.73%, crude fiber 1.60%, crude ash 1.40%

Safety note:

For use as aquarium food only. Not for human consumption. Keep away from children.

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