Coral Kit

Coral Kit

Black 2 component Epoxy Coral Glue for frags and decorations in salt- and freshwater-aquaria or ponds.

Fauna Marin Coral Kit is a black, epoxy based coral glue that hardens also under water.

Safe bonding of coralfrags directly in the aquarium, as well as for permanent fixation of decorations such as reef ceramics and live rock.

Instructions for use Coral Kit:

Cut off a small piece of the Coral Kit.
Knead the glue with your hands until it becomes warm and soft. Around 2 minutes.
Press together the stones, corals, etc. to be glued with the Coral Kit. Fix it for 2-3 minutes until it is fixed with your hands.

The Coral Kit adhesive hardened within 3-5 minutes.


114 gram

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