Breed Rocks

Reef Discs Fragplugs

Easy to handle fragplugs for all coralfrags

The new type of frag plugs!

Due to the special shape of the stones, each frag can easily be placed on a light grid plate or on the Coral Deck. The frags don’t fall over anymore. Glue the plug direct into the decoration the foot of the plug stone can be broken off simply. Fix it with Fauna Marin Coral glue.

Due to the special surface structure, all coral adhesives adhere very well to the reef plug. The special neutral material of the reef discs allows corals to grow quickly and form basal discs.

After a short time the coral frags are indistinguishable from the rest of the reef. Due to its porous structure it is quickly colonized by calcerous algae and similar beneficial organisms of the reef.

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