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22.09.2016 12:30 - Extreme Corals Shop-Update! Nanofrags not only for the nanotank!

now online: even more EC Nanofrags!
We have produced offshoots of our favorite corals during summer - find our EC Nanofrags bred by ExremeCorals in our Online-Shop!

Small frags at affordable prices - not only for the nano-tank.

20.09.2016 11:14 - Extreme Corals Shop-Update! Nanofrags, Acans & Co!

now online: many many cool EC Nanofrags!
We have produced offshoots of our favorite corals during summer - find our EC Nanofrags bred by ExremeCorals in our Online-Shop!

Small frags at affordable prices - not only for the nano-tank.

Get your Nanofrags from the best Acroporas, Montiporas, Seriatoporas, and many more in many shapes and colors.

LPS-lovers won`t be missed out: Acans, Scolys and Fungias are also available, just like bigger Acros like spathulatas and strawberry shortcakes.

12.09.2016 14:36 - Extreme Corals Shop-Update! More EC Nanofrags!
Shop-update! Super EC Nanofrags bred by ExtremeCorals from our favorite acros and montis - now available in our shop!
EXTREME CORALS & STORE Visit our coral breeding facility in Holzgerlingen near Stuttgart

We are one of the largest coral stores conveniently located near Stuttgart. We house thousands of SPS, LPS, Crustaceans, Soft, and NPS corals in over 3500 liters over saltwater. A visit to our shop will get any aquarist excited!

We also offer a large selection of foods and supplements for fishes and corals, including nutrient solutions and trace elements. All these products come from our company, Fauna Marin GmbH.

We look forward to your visit!

NEW PRODUCTS Weekly new products and animals in our shop

Your partner for corals and sea water aquaristics

the reef keeping hobby consistently demonstrates us the barriers of our practical possibilties. Reproducing a coral reef in the living room claims our skills to optimizing the conditions in our artificial ecosystem day by day. We made it our goal to meeting this challenge. By means of research and innovative technics we provide you practical possibilities unimaginable until yesterday. FAUNA MARIN is a developer of all kinds of accessoires essential for the reef keeping hobby.

Our lighting systems play a dominant role beside the development of artificial food systems for fish, corals and filter feeding invertebrates. The most exceeding characteristics in our product lines: we think systemic! Most of our products are designed to find a number of combinations with other products, thus your individual success is based on fitting our products to your personal demands. On the following pages we provide you a complete overview on our current product lines.


Big selection of corals for your saltwater aquarium

We bring you the most beautiful coral reefs of the earth straight at home. In our 50 metres fragging supplies arrangement we breed, multiply and sell a big selection of SPS- and LPS- stone corals as well as NPS- and softcorals. You can also find a variety of filters and lower animals in our fragging supplies. Many of these corals come from own offspring or have been imported from our partner farm from Australia or Bali directly. At our direct imports we especially mind the quality and healthiness of the animals and just work together with approved coral farms and breeding stations. Thus we can offer you in our Fauna Marin seawater fishkeeping shop weekly new corals to fair prices. Every friday and saturday you can convince yourself personally from our corals and also take a look at our 3.500 litre containing seawater show pool. .

Live Rocks

Moreover we offer you regularly fresh live rocks for your saltwater aquarium. We import them directly from Bali or Sulawesi in absolute top quality and condition the live rock in our special arrangement. Here the reef stones will be showered and turned, so no undesirable residues will emerge by the live rocks in your saltwater aquarium. With the tilings and chunks in different sizes it is possible to make a new reef aquarium ready or to extend as well as decorate an established saltwater aquarium.

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