1. FAQ´s to the shipping of living animals

Why don’t you use normal delivery?

We exclusively dispatch our animals via express delivery. We do this in behalf of our animals. The animals are being packed fit for transport by noon and collected by 6 PM by UPS or Go Overnight. Thereupon you will receive an e-mail including a link to the tracking system with which you will be able to follow the process of the shipment in a timely manner. The delivery of the animals will take place on the next morning between 8 and 12 AM. Hence, your animals will arrive by no later than 18 hours, which is approximately half the time, which they would need to arrive at the shop from the tropics. We ship the animals in a special double-box, which isolates heat as well as coldness. All deliveries are being marked as animal-deliveries and are being transported as such by certified consignors. Therefore, our carriers know exactly what they are transporting. We perceive that we owe it to the animals and therefore deliberately relinquish bait-offers, which ultimately means that the animals are being treated like normal parcels. This means that the animals are arguably in the vehicular of the delivery agent for the whole day. The delivery charges for the animals amount to 16,90€ within Germany including value tax and potentially needed heat- or coolpacks. .

Is there a carriage paid shipping?

With an order value over 200 € (in Germany - animal value without hardware), there will be carriage paid shipping of your order.

Is it possible to consolidate orders?

You have already ordered but found other articles in hindsight? No problem, you are invited to place further orders. We consolidate the order for you and you will only be charged with a singular shipping fee flat rate. In order to avoid paying several shipping fees, choose (“will collect” / additional order) and mark the delivery on the remarks, with which your delivery should be consolidated.

When are the orders being shipped?

In order to ensure a high shipping quality, we restrict the maximum number of packages per day. So as to prepare the animals perfectly for the shipping, it is necessary to place the animals in an intermediate station for one or two days. The shipping takes place from Monday to Friday.

I found you on the internet. Is it possible to purchase your products as a private customer?

We created our shop for private customers exclusively. We ask merchants to contact us separately via e-mail or fax. We are then pleased send you a stock list. (sales@faunamarin.de) Fax:  07031 238592

How does ordering animal work?

We put new animals in our shop on several occasions weekly. We announce our updates in several forums as well as on our Facebook site. Through our recent shop-system, you are able to browse quickly and easily through the offers and let the animals be displayed in real size. Most of the displayed animals are the original animals, which means that you will receive the exact same animal from us in the end. If there should be several identical animals, we subjoin an availability display (for example, V10). That means that there are ten identical animals available. With hermits, crabs and other spineless animals as well as fish, we display sample images. Fill out your personal data and forward your order. Please add your preferred day of delivery on the remarks. You are welcomed to use the remarks for any other comments or utterance of desires. After forwarding your order, you will receive a confirmation. We will contact you via e-mail or telephone in any case in order to arrange a date of delivery. We will carefully pack ship your order on the previous day. You will receive your order at 12 AM the latest (within Germany). With the help of our recent tracking-system, you will also get informed if, in an extremely rare case, something should go wrong and hence, your delivery would be delayed.

Are the colors of the corals genuine?

Please mind that there might be deviations in form and color even on the original picture. This might happen due to changes during the transportations or due to the color display in the computer screen. The pictures of our animals are being taken under T5-fluorescent tubes “Aquascience Duo” and “Aquascience Blue” in a mixing ration of 1:1. Under other types of illumination (HQI/LED), the colors of our animals could deviate. For the creation of our images, we use a professional camera system and use close-up lenses for this purpose. In order to create an image that looks as real as possible, we process these with the help of a computer program, which adjusts the image size and the color temperature. Numerous purchasers witness the quality of our animals and know that these usually correspond with the images. As professional coral consignors, with shipping experience that reach far over 20 years, we prepare the corals and the other animals thoroughly for their transportation in order to arrive in an ideal condition. This does not primarily concern the color but the health and dietary condition of the corals and the fish. The corals will reach their final color at least within several weeks after being inserted into your aquarium. .

What we do for a perfect quality of the corals:

We are a professional specialized company, which only works with full-time workers and skilled personnel. Hence, we employ marine biologists and posses a professional experience for over 25 years in the area of marine fishkeeping. As an established brand manufacturer and developer of new products we apprehend the system of seawater and develop several systems, which nowadays counts to the standards of marine fishkeeping. The health of our animals has absolute priority. Therefore, we explicitly abdicate the shipping of freshly cut offspring or oversize import shipments where it takes too long to sustain all corals appropriately. All of our cultured or fragmented animals have a grown verge and usually even developed more polyps. As a professional provider of such offspring in Germany, we differ from our contestants in terms of the nursing and breeding of our wonderful coral. Here, the major difference lies in the regular feeding of the polyps with LPS Grow and Color Food from Fauna Marin. All animals are being perfectly prepared to have a healthy aquarium life under ideal circumstances. In order to develop an ideal color, we therefore use LED or T5 capillary blue reflecting lights. We conduct our installations in a way that our animals can be introduced to any currently known aquarium system. Thereby, we take care of particular movability, thus our animals are not necessarily perfectly colored but have the power and resistance in order to arrive better at your place. This would not have be the case if you would have picked it up at your merchant yourself.

With which system do we conduct our installations?

We conduct our aquariums without special procedures for color enhancement like for example Zeo-filtering or related procedures. All animals undergo quarantine for at least one week and are parasite-free when being shipped. Our average water equivalents contain: Salinity: 34-35 psu; calcium: 400-420 mg/l; manganese:1200-1250 mg/l dkH: 7,5-8,5; nitrate: 2-15mg/l; phosphate: 0,02-0,08 mg/l; temperature; 23-25°C As sea salt we use “Professional Sea Sal” from Fauna Marin for our installations. Furthermore, the Balling-Light Method is called into action. Moreover, we feed Fauna Marin animal feed and use several products from Fauna Marin GmbH depending on the aquarium system.

Is it possible that my shipment can be delivered on Saturdays?

No problem, however the forwarding arises an additional charge on Saturdays, which amounts to 15,00 €, which we recharge unchanged. Hence, in Germany, a shipment on Saturdays in adds up to 31,90€ including cargo and package and 15€ if it is to be shipped over the free domicile.

Are all animals always available?

After your order, all the ordered animals are being reserved and prepared for the shipping. Unfortunately, despite our greatest efforts, we cannot guarantee a hundred percent delivery capacity. In rare cases, the corals or fish are not ready for shipment, were being damaged in the holder or were already taken due to double orders. If your desired animal should not be available, we offer you the opportunity to chose a replacement animal or refund the sum. We will inform you respectively. Naturally, we do our utmost to avoid such inconvenience beforehand.

How safe are my information?

We have on of the most safe and recent shop-systems and are therefore able to guarantee the safety of your personal data. We do not pass your data to other companies or sell these, on no account. We merely convey your address, phone number and e-mail address to the commissioned carrier. We use extern system for your payment. We therefore only convey your credit card data to the commissioned bank. We do not receive those.

How do I tell the size of the animals?

For this purpose, we have an easy system for you. We use standardized eggrates for all images, whose grid dimension always counts 1,3 cm. In order to determine the size of the anima, you only need to add up the grids. We provide you with the measure for other animals.

Wherefore do you need my phone number for the order?

As we contact each customer personally and attach the number to the shipment, we need it. If it should be the case that something unexpected happens during the transportation, the carrier will also be able to contact you. In general, this does not happen but it could however. Please mind that the carriers only contact you in case of emergency.

Is there a live arrival guarantee for the animals at ExtremeCorals?

All our in Germany shipped animals have a live arrival guarantee. Certainly, the requirement for this is the acceptance of the shipment by the purchaser or the representative. If the shipment cannot or will not be accepted, the live arrival guarantee will be lapsed. It is due to this that each shipment is being discussed and agreed personally. If something should come in between, there is still the chance to pick up the animals personally at the deposit. We would like you to inform us if the shipment has not arrived until 12 AM or if the shipment will not be accepted.

My animals arrived chilly, do they survive that?

Extreme temperatures are always a problem for corals. Therefore, we created our unique double box system. Through the special location of the heat packs and the extremely high ability to isolate, we are able to ship up to – 15°C without any problems. Water temperatures up to approximately 16°C are not problematic. Usually, we deliver the animals even in very cold nights with 20-21°C water temperature. This seems distinctly cooler as the water in your aquarium. On especially hot days, we cool down the transport water a bit and attach cool packs to the delivery.

And what happens if for once an animal arrives dead?

99,9% of all animals sent by us arrive alive and in a very good condition at our costumers, also the animals, which are sent in the dead of winter! If there is still a reason for an objection anytime, please take a obvious picture of the criticized animal, still in the transport bag and sent this picture per E-Mail on the same day of the delivery at the address sales@extremecorals.de. Please appreciate that we can not acknowledge later complaints. At a entitled notation we will credit you the equivalent of the animal and convey you immediately the value on the same way back as this reached us.

2. Help for the order process

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Just at the payment method debit appears now the request of your account data. Please take care on the correct spelling of your account data.

Order overview

In the last step you get an overview of all the stated data and all items incl. total sum.
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