ZeoMatic 2 2,2ltr. incl. 2x Sicce

This Zeomatic 2 features a self cleaning system with both water and air cleaning.

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Fauna Marin GmbH

Classic Zeolithfilters must be cleaned by hand every day extensively. The usually open design makes an automatic cleaning almost impossible.
With the Fauna Marin Zeomatic we elaborated a complete system that the daily cleaning of the zeolite takes over automatically.

- Size: 17x 35 x 47
- Self Cleaning System
- Water and air cleaning
- No seperate air pump necessary
- 2,2 or 4,5 Liter Version available
- Made in Germany
- Original Sicce pumps included
- automatic switch mode
- better cleaning with only 1 x 1 min a day
- stronger pumps
- controlable pumps

- the Zeomatic 2 can be controlled over an optional Timer with 1 x 1 min / say or with every Aquariumcontroller.

WEEE Nr. Sicce DE14959862

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