FMC Stylophora pinky V

Wonderful FMC-Frags from the beautiest corals bred by Fauna Marin. You will find always a place in your seawater-tank for these small colorful frags. The V stands for many and available!

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Fauna Marin Corals

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Several branches from this coral are available. These animals differ only slightly in form. You will receive an offshoot similar to the animal depicted in the photo

  • Scientific:
    Stylophora sp.
  • Common: Smooth cauliflower coral
  • Origin:
    Bali, Indonesia
  • Size:
    up to 25 cm
  • Temperature:
    75.2 °F - 80.6 °F (24°C - 27°C)
  • Feeding:
    Zooxanthellen / Light
  • Tank:
    ~ 200 Liter


If your favorite animal has already been reservated or is no longer available, we will offer to you a comparable alternative. In this case we will inform you via e-mail or phone. Please keep in mind that shape and color of the delivere, d animals may vary from the photos due to little changes occuring during shipping or because of color reproducibility, which depends on your individial monitor. 

Lighting used while taking the photos is consisting of T5-tubes „Aqua Science Duo“ and „Aqua Science Blue“ at the ratio of 1:1. Using other illuminants may cause differing color perception.

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