Fauna Marin GmbH is the leading developer of top fish foods and supplemental products for saltwater aquariums.
Established in the early 1990’s and based out of Holzgerlingen, Germany, our company has earned worldwide recognition for the quality and effectiveness of our products.
Here at Fauna Marin, our philosophy is simple: Develop safe, effective products by using only the highest quality ingredients available.
Years of research and long-time industry experience have taught us valuable methods and techniques for bringing out the best in marine specimens. With the use of the Fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab, we are able to conduct studies on various types of coral species to find more effective methods of coral sustainability. It is through these findings that we are able to gain a better understanding of a specimen’s needs.
Such valuable information ultimately allow us to further develop existing FM products and bring new products to market.
Our Seawater Research Lab is also a resource available to all aquarists. Our water testing service allows users to further optimize aquarium living conditions by gaining a better understanding of their aquarium’s water quality.
Since the beginning, we’ve developed cutting edge methods and products that allow hobbyists of all skill levels to provide their aquatic animals the nutrition they need.
Our products have made it possible to successfully maintain and grow aquatic animals once thought to be impossible to keep. Through continued research and experience, we continue our mission and develop products that deliver outstanding results.
When it comes to the health of your aquarium, trust in the quality and personalized services offered only by Fauna Marin.