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Sunday Coral-Update online now!

23.09.2018 15:47 von Claudia Hafner
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Monday coral-update at www.faunamarin.de:
Bred by our own FMC Nanofrags of our favorite coral #species NOW Online:

#Acropora #tenuis, #millepora, #staghorn, #millepora, #spathulata, #sarmentosa, #aculeus, #Montipora, #Ricordea and cool #Zoanthus #watermelon, #antivenom, #safecracker and #bluehornets!

Tell us the date of delivery in the comments field when you're ordering! 
Here you see the picture of exactly the coral you get! Everything is unique, and so: first come, first buy.
Buy corals online at #FaunaMarin Corals:
- Oxygen supply for sensitive animals
- Acro Safe Packaging - Special packaging for a safe transport of corals
- cheap shipping costs with UPS Overnight Express:
- from 29,- EUR to Austria, Belgium, France
- 49,- EUR to UK, Italy, Portugal,
- more countries and shipping costs here:

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